The production line of glazed curd (sweet) cheeses GSL 8000 cheeses per hour


Loader GSL.01.K22


Dosing machine GSL.01.B60


Enrober GSL.02.B80


Glaze melting tank GSL.05.A21


Cooling tunnel GSL.03.A60


Packing equipment (flow-pack) OZB.02

GSL line 8000 – is a set of technological equipment designed for the production of glazed curd (cottage) cheeses (line of 6 streams, productivity 4500 – 8000 cheeses per hour).

The line GSL is composed of the following machines:

  1. loader GSL.01.K22;
  2. dosing machine GSL.01.B60;
    • filling and dosing machine GSL.04.A;
  3. enrober GSL.02.B80;
  4. glaze melting tank GSL.05.A21;
  5. cooler GSL.03;
  6. wrapping up machine OZB.02;
    • transportation guidance system;
    • finished product grouping conveyor with a table for product manually packing into boxes.

The preparation of curd, chocolate glaze and filling is not included in the technological process of the line GSL.

More information of our GSL lines – at the brochure!