The production line of glazed curd cheeses GSL

The production line of glazed curd cheeses GSL performs the following operations:

  • the curd is thrown into the hopper by the loader (GSL.01.K22) of the dosing machine;
  • dosing machine (GSL.01.B80/ GSL.01.B60) forms the curd cheeses;
  • dosing machine cuts off the curd cheeses and directs them to the Enrober;
  • enrober (GSL.02.A61 / GSL.02.B80) glazes the cheeses and with the conveyor they are transmitted to the cooling tunnel;
  • cooling tunnel (GSL.03.A80 / GSL.03.A60) cools off the glazed cheeses, so that the glaze or chocolate would keep the shape;
  • packing machine (OZB.02) automatically wraps up the glazed cheeses into biaxially orientated laminated polypropylene film, adds on the manufacture date and transfers to grouping conveyor with a table for manual packing into boxes;
  • or glazed curd cheeses could be packed in laminated aluminum foil by M6-OZB packing equipment.
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