Pizza topping line

Picos ingredientų barstymo linija / Pizza topping line / Линия топпинг-станций ингредиентов пиццы

Our equipment for ingredients topping on the pre-heated pizza base is a mechanized system for adding different pizza layers, such as tomato sauce, ready minced meat or cubed ham, chopped vegetables, grated cheese, etc. The modular design of the line, provides flexibility and quick readjustment for different types of products.

Pizza topping line technical data:

  • pizza base variety – 18 cm, 28 cm, 38 cm;
  • linear belt speed – up to 7 m/min;
  • 18 cm pizza capacity – up to 60 pcs/min (3 spraying heads);
  • 28 cm pizza capacity – up to 33 pcs/min (2 spraying heads);
  • 38 cm pizza capacity – up to 17 pcs/min (1 spraying head);
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Pizza topping line process

The sample pizza topping line consists of:

  1. Product conveyor;
  2. Sauce spray head;
  3. Volumetric sauce dosing device;
  4. Meat topping device;
  5. Access return transporting system;
  6. Vegetable topping device;
  7. Cheese topping device.

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