Melting kettle GSL.05

Melting kettle GSL.05 designated for melting different chocolate coatings or confectionary fats and keeping necessary temperature level

WORKING OPERATION – melting kettle consists of: tank, blender, gear and heating agent circulation system. Kettle is produced from stainless steel, has double walls for heating agent circulation and with thermo insulation from the outside. Heating agent is brought to the needed temperature by electric heaters, circulation assured by special pump. Product before melting must be crushed into smaller bits. Inside product is constantly mixed and brought to desired temperature level. Heating agent and product temperature is constantly inspected and automatically regulated according set temperature level.

Technical data:

Gross capacity, liters, no more 250
Working temperature, oC + 30 … 65 (depends on the product )
Glaze temperature   regulatory uncertainty , oC ± 2.5
Max dimension of product bits,mm, no more 80
Melting kettle rotation  frequency, rot./min 24
Diameter of outfeed tube , mm 40
Glaze heating system open type with circulation pump, heating agent-liquid
Power installed, kW 7,5
One capacity dimensions, mm:  
– length 1100
– width 1000
– height 1680
Weight, kg 280
Guarantee time, months:
– since the date of commissioning 12
– since the date of delivery 18

Grinder GSL.07


The Grinder is designated for crushing the blocks of chocolate glaze or coconut butter into small pieces, before loading them into the melting kettle.

The machine is equipped with electromechanical gear controlled electronically. Machine is made from stainless steel EN 1.4301.


Technical data:

Productivity, kg/h 200
Drive Electromechanical with electronical feed feeding regulation
Power installed, kW 1,0
Movement of block (product), mm/1 turn of the disk 0,7…2
Cutting disk rotation frequency, rot./min. 60
Max product block dimensions  
– length 350+20
– width 250+20
– height 100+10
Machine dimensions, mm
– length 1340
– width 620
– height 1400
Machine weight, kg, no more 180
Guarantee time, months: 180
– since the date of commissioning 12
– since the date of delivery 18

Cheese shredding machine P – SSR


Cheese shredding machine P-SSR

1. Machine made of stainless steel 1.4301.

2. The equipment is mobile.

3. Electrical connection cable connected to three-phase network.