Automatic wrapping up machine OZB.01


It is designed for hermetical packing up of various piece products into polypropylene film. Packing – Flow Pack.

The Automatic wrapping up machine OZB.01 consists of the following functional parts:

  •  product serving transporter;
  •  packing material serving and its orientating mechanism with two roll holders;
  • electric-optical equipment following the photo eye;
  • film tube forming mechanism;
  • film tube transporting and longitudinal seal making mechanism;
  • transverse seal forming and package cutting mechanism;
  • packed up product removing transporter;
  • electric cabinet;
  • (optional) easy tear tape mechanism.

The Automatic wrapping up machine performs the following technological operations:

  • serves the product to the position of its packing up;
  • unrolls the packing material and serves it until the film tube forming operation;
  • forms a film tube, makes longitudinal and transverse seals;
  • puts on the date (thermoseal – 6 numbers);
  • removes the packed up product with the help of the removing transporter.

The Automatic wrapping up machine is made of stainless steel, using high quality up-to-date materials and complement parts.

Technical data:

Type of the machine linear-horizontal
Type of packing FLOW-PACK
Product to be packed: various piece products having below indicated measures
Productivity, pcs./min. up to 90
Dimensions of a product to be packed (basic variant), mm:
– length up to 300
– width up to 210 *
– height up to 70 *
Packing material: biaxially orientated laminated polypropylene film with a  photo eye, rolled into a roll
Thickness of the film mm, no more  0,040 -0,005
Dimensions of a roll, mm:
– width, mm, max

– outer diameter, no more, mm

– inner diameter, mm



75 ± 2

Power installed, kW 3,2
Dimensions of the machine, mm

Length x width x height

3810 x 1030 x 1680
Machine weight, kg, no more 400
Guarantee time, months:
– since the date of commissioning

– since the date of delivery



* at the same time, the width and height can’t be maximum.

Wrapping up machine M6-OZB


Designed for packing glazed curd cheeses by wrapping into aluminum foil cached on vellum.

Technical and operational data:

Production rate, cheese/h , from 2600 up to 4200
Production rate control stepless
Curd cheese mass, g 50±1,5
Dimensions of cheese, mm:
– lenght х width х height – 70±2 х 28±1 х 28±1
Temeperature of cheeses during wrapping, ºС,  no more – +8
Packing material:
– foil (9÷12)±1mm, soft aliuminium
– usage, kg/h 2,83±0,40
– witdh of roll mm 110±0,5
– roll diameter, mm, no more 300
– roll core diameter, mm 70±5
Packing type “bar” type wrap-up
Electrical power:
– installed, kW 0,82
– consumption, Kwh/h,  no more 0,7
Dimensions of machine, mm:
– length x width x height 2125 х 1635 х 1150
Mass, kg,  no more 510
Attendants 1
Warranty period, month.:
– from date of сomimssioning 12
– from date of manufacture 18

Packing machine PM


Machine allows to pack different products  into plastic bags. Bags are closed automatically using clips with printed packing date.

WORKING OPERATION- block of bags is fastened on the working table of the machine. When the power is switched on, bags are opened by air flow and product is pushed manually into it through deflective elements which entirely open the bag.

Afterwards product in the bag is pushed down to clipping station. Here the opened end of the bag is automatically squeezed and closed with a clip. Packing date is printed on the clip.

Main products to be packed: whole or sliced bread, baked loaf or other piece products.

Technical data:

 Productivity,  bags/min up to 45
Product dimensions mm:
  length up to 400
  width up to 230
  height up to 120
On the “clips” identified by the date of manufacture up to 8 digits 3 mm height
Air pressure, bar 4,5 bar
Air consumption, l/min 60 l/min
Width of the bags, mm 180-320
Machine dimensions, mm
  length 1500
  width 1100
  height 950
Machine weight, kg, no more 280
Guarantee time, months:
since the date of commissioning 12
since the date of delivery 18