Bucket closing mechanism KU

KU buckets closing mechanism intended for mechanized locking the covers on the bucket.

Technical data:

Closed buckets


The dimensions of the bucket, mm
height 130÷225
diameter to 300

Conveyor nominal linear speed, m / min

The dimensions of the machine, mm
length 1260
width 620
height 1000

Bag clipping mechanism SUM


Clipping mechanism SUM is a semi-automatic machine, designated for closing loose end of the bag by plastic clip with embossed date.


Purpose:  Machine is suitable for closing all kind of bags with plastic clips.

Working operation: loose end of the bag must be squeezed or turned. Position, where the bag should be clipped is pushed manually to the activation shaft. Moved activation shaft does the signal to the clipping mechanism. Then clip band is pulled from the reel, date is embossed, clip is cut and fixed on the bag.

Technical data:

 Drives and control pneumatics
Air consumption l/min 50
Air pressure, bar 6
Output, cycles
Date 6 digits 3mm height
Date printing embossed
Machine dimensions, mm:
length 800
width 680
height 1060
Machine weight, kg, no more 35
Guarantee time, months:
since the date of commissioning 12
since the date of delivery 18



The container for the disposal of food stock waste.

Technical data:

Volume, m3 0,9
Material Steel Pl.3
Coverage anticorrosiveprimer Paint RAL 3004
Container dimensions, mm:
        – length, mm 1040
         – width, mm 1040
          height, mm 1100
Weight in kg 200

Bags spreader MI

Technical data:

Bags width, mm 180-320
Compressed air consumption m3/h 225
Power installed, kW 0,068
Dimensions of the machine, mm
– length 800
– width 420
– height 330
Machine weight, kg 15
Guarantee time, months
– since the date of commissioning 12
– since the date of delivery 18