GSL.01AM Dosing machine


GSL.01AM Dosing machine

Next generation dosing machine used for curd mass dosing into cheeses in line of six pieces

in glazed curd cheese production line GSL.

Is available in set with optional equipment:

– Lifter (curd mass lifting into dosing machine bunker);

– Filling and dosing machine  (for glazed curd cheese filling).

Technical data:

Dosage method Piston type
Productivity (cheeses/h) 6000-12000
Productivity control Continuous control, without equipment interruption, through control panel
Cheese dosage control Continuous control, without equipment interruption, through control panel
Hopper capacity, l 140
Installed power, kW 7
Other advantages: Equipment control is operated using touch screen panel
Lower linear speed ensures better cooling of cheeses in GSL line
Less possibility to heat up curd mass during dosing


Cottage cheese dosing machine P-VD

p-vdDosing machine P-VD for dosing curd, chocolate, jam measured doses.

Type of dossing machine  weighting
Productivity (kg./h.), Not less  800
Dose (kg.)  5 and 10
Dosing container  10 l 5 l buckets or bags
Dosing accuracy (%)
Boiler capacity (l) 120
Installed power (kW) 7,55
Operating pressure (MPa), not less 0,4
Compressed air pressure (bar)
4,5 – 6,3
Heating system circulation
Dosing machine dimensions (mm):
– length 1370
– width 1145
– height 1800
Warranty (months) 12

Harmaceutical products dosing machine

famacijos_pramoneiPharmaceutical preparations dosing machine for the dosing the pharmaceutical products in a small doses in to the glass bottles. After dosing bottles supplied in the transporter.

Dosing machine can be installed in the technological line.

Technical data:

Productivity, bottles/min 60
Dose, ml from 20±1,0 to 100±1,5
Bottle size, mm:
diameter Ø28±0,9 max Ø40±0,9
width from 50±1,0 to 100±1,0
inner diameter Ø10
Installed power, kW 0,75
Air pressure, bar 6
Air consumption l/min 80
Machine dimensions
length 3100
width 960
height 1850
Machine weight, kg, no more 320
Guarantee time, months:
since the date of commissioning  12
since the date of delivery 18